Study Care
StudyCare is a British company offering professional education counselling service to international students applying to study in universities worldwide. We also provide utmost academic, welfare and pastoral support for international students already in the UK to assist them to excel in their academic performance and integrate into the local community.
Academic Care
Education is an important investment for your children. We offer utmost and professional study support to help our students to maximise their full potential in their studies.

We have the largest network of post graduate tutors in the UK, our tutors are all either master or PhD educated with years of experience in their respective area, and they are fully capable of leading your children to great academic achievement.

Over the past years we have been constantly refining our teaching method and studying technique, we have helped many students graduated with good result.
University Application
StudyCare is an established and reputatble organisation which gives real help to international students in finding the right university worldwide. Our services are used by government departments, companies and schools throughout the world.

Our headoffice is located in the UK but we currently have representatives in United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Taiwan, China and Malaysia.

We represents a wide range of Universities and Institutions worldwide. Our students are guaranteed entry into prestigious universities after they have successfully completed their university preparation programmes.
Guardian Report
Concerns with academic progression and personal wellbeing of the children are often the major worries of parents or guardian with children studying abroad.

Cultural differences, lack of information, lack of care and concern, language barrier, loneliness, bad influence from others and addictive gambling habit have led many students astray in the past years.

We regularly monitor the academic development of students from their universities department, we regularly meet up with students to discuss issues they may encounter, and we also timely update the parents with comprehensive reports on their children.
I came to UK in 2004 to pursue degree in Mechancial Engineering at University College London (UCL). I was overwhelmed by the course modules and amount of projects involved, I had difficulty keeping up. I thank my parents because they have chosen StudyCare to guide my study and welfare problem over the past 4 years in London. My comprehension of the course had since dramatically improved…
Kieve Pinto (Emirates of Dubai),
University College, London
I am a 2nd year mechanical engineering student at the Imperial College. Due to the intensity and amount of course works involved, I had difficulties revising for exam. Thanks to the StudyCare, I was able to get step-by-step academic support that enabled me to understand many advanced engineering concepts which would otherwise be too difficult for me. More importantly, the tutors provided me with good exam revision techniques and I passed my second year examination and now I am looking forward to my final year
Manaf, South Kensington
University, London
I personally knew the management of StudyCare for few years before I entrusted the academic and welfare support of my son Kieve to StudyCare for complete 4 years in the past. Every year I received regular monitoring report from StudyCare on issues and progress of his performance in the university. As a parent I am very proud to see him successfully went through all the hurdles and completed his degree with good grade, and I have never looked
Mrs Pinto
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